The biggest downfall is probably the publicity from some of the cast, writers, and significant others from the show. Fans are very loyal to this show’s cast and when they bluntly get made fun of or criticized for loving a couple or particular character then that hurts.

How can the PR fix this? Well first off not let the cast respond rudely to hate. They are adults and it’s better to ignore than instigate. Stop singling out one part of a fandom for example, Klaroliners or Elijah fans. When you join this industry you know fans are passionate and you’re going to get a lot of love and hate, but it’s how you handle it that makes or breaks you and the show.

I think it’s overwhelmingly obvious that The Originals doesn’t have it’s own fan base really. It’s mainly TVD fans that loved the Mikaelson Family from the beginning. Saying that you can’t do crossovers to not alienate new fans is crazy. The old fans have been vocal about this and the numbers definitley out weight the new fans (no offense newbies we love you all!).

Speaking of Caroline crossing over, I’m sorry for those who hate Klaroline but from a business point of view that is what is going to bring in views. Fans have begged for years for more Klaroline I truly think fans will never get enough of these two. Joseph and Candice have the best on screen chemistry and if they wanted to save The Originals this would be a safe bet. Klaus isn’t really sparking with anyone in NOLA yet…

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"Is anybody else wondering why Caroline hasn’t found about the original baby yet?"
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And make sure you vote bad PR ruined the show.  This is by far the most important poll to date!

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Ignoring all the hate and drama going on in the fandom and shipping Klaroline


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"Every year, many, many stupid people graduate from college. And if they can do it, so can you."
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Klamille is so painful to watch. I want Caroline or no one else with Klaus. There is no in between.

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